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About Us


First, we’d like to thank you for showing interest in My Angel Vision. It’s great people like you that make our life possible with a rewarding business like this.

My name is Paul and beside me is my wife Kelly (Yes I’m a born and raised Iowa boy that loves the Hawkeyes). Many of our clients ask what brought us to opening such a business. Kelly and I met just three short years ago and were married two years ago. I have two grown daughters myself who have gone on to receive teaching degrees. My oldest is now a 3rd grade school teacher and my youngest went on to manage a gymnastics school working with young children. Kelly has a 21 year old son who just finished ARMY boot camp a short time ago and just recently finished his advanced training in internet communications. As expected we are very proud of them all in their accomplishments and expect great things from them in the coming future.

As I mentioned earlier Kelly and I had gotten married about 2 years ago and were planning on adding a new addition to our family. Long story short we got pregnant (you know what I mean, lol), but unfortunately Kelly miscarried with our twin boys. Through the hurt and grieving process the idea for opening My Angel Vision was born.

Anybody who has met Kelly knows shes very genuine and truly cares about everyone she’s comes in contact with. Kelly’s experience in conjunction with her joyfulness and compassion for people is a perfect fit for this type of business. She will take the time to educate a new father to be or laugh with grandparents over the technology changes and what it used to be like when grandma was pregnant. I’ve seen her and clients laugh in the middle of a ultrasound session while shedding tears of joy as they viewed one of God’s miracles of life. I’ve also seen her cry tears of sorrow with clients during their loss. The entire process of being pregnant with your own child is truly amazing and a blessing for sure.

This blessing can also be a curse at times. We understand the physical and emotional changes that a woman goes through can sometimes be overwhelming. We hope that by providing a fun and relaxing environment for viewing and spending time with your baby while still in the womb will not only relieve some of the stress but also bring joy, happiness and smiles to the entire family.

It was also through this need that we launched My Angel Visions newsletter called “Rocking The Bump”. Again keeping our pregnant moms in mind we wanted to provide a way to generate excitement and fun during the pregnancy with our monthly contests and give-a ways. In addition to help build a community of local pregnant moms in which to share experiences throughout their pregnancy.

We always remind our clients to “Enjoy the Journey”, yes it’s a tough and demanding process being pregnant but before you know it (in a blink of an eye) that little bundle of joy in the womb will be all grown up.

With my 15 years of experience as a wedding photographer and a studio photographer we knew that offering newborn photography and maternity photography would be a natural fit for My Angel Vision’s elective ultrasound services. Kelly does a fantastic job in caring for and handling the babies during our newborn photography sessions. Our gentle posing and minimalist props will usually leave a newborn baby sleeping through the entire process.

Again, we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Like anything else in life we know that trust is the foundation in which all things are built. We not only stand behind our products and services but we stand behind our friendship.